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General Chemistry

OnSite's General Chemistry Department is certified to provide analytical support for environmental monitoring and for cleanup of domestic and industrial wastes. In addition, we offer drinking, surface and saline water analyses. The scope of our general chemistry methods are listed below. We utilize an array of testing equipment including UV Spectrometers, and an assortment of electrochemical probes. The analytical techniques we use include Titrimetry, Colorimetry, Gravimetry, and Ion Specific electrode testing.

Our objective is to provide accurate, legally defensible and timely results to our clients. Our quality assurance program focuses on measuring and verifying laboratory performance, as documented in our Quality Assurance Manual (QAM) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). We also participate in a nationwide proficiency testing program to assure that our laboratory meets or exceeds accuracy and precision standards.

In our efforts to provide a comprehensive range of services, we continue to expand and develop our capabilities and services. OnSite continues to invest in new equipment and to keep abreast of the most recent method developments. If you have questions regarding our capabilities or to discuss methods not listed below, please contact the laboratory.

Methods List: (EPA Methods)

EPA 310.2 Alkalinity
EPA 1664A Hexane Extractable Material (HEM)
EPA 1010A Ignitability
EPA 353.2 Nitrate-Nitrogen
EPA 353.2 Nitrite-Nitrogen
EPA 9095 Paint Filter Liquids
EPA 9045D pH
EPA 365.3/365.1 Phosphate, ortho
EPA 365.1 Phosphorus, total
EPA 9060A Total Organic Carbon
EPA 180.1 Turbidity


Methods List: (Standard Methods/ASTM Methods)

SM 2320B Alkalinity
SM 4500-NH3 Ammonia-Nitrogen
SM 4500-Cl Chloride
SM 2510 Conductivity
SM 4500-F Fluoride
SM 2340B Hardness
SM 4500-NO2 Nitrite-Nitrogen
SM 4500-H pH
SM 2540F Settleable Solids
ASTM D516-07 Sulfate
SM 2540C Total Dissolved Solids
SM 5310B Total/Dissolved Organic Carbon
SM 2540D Total Suspended Solids
SM 2540B Total Solids