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OnSite Environmental, Inc.'s (OnSite) metals department offers a wide range of analytical capabilities. We provide trace metals analyses in drinking water, wastewater, soil and waste matrices. We also provide analyses in support of international import/export regulations. Inorganic analyses are routinely performed by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer (ICP), inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) and cold vapor mercury atomic absorbtion (CVAA).

OnSite's inorganic department participates in semi-annual single-blind performance evaluation studies to verify the laboratory's performance proficiency. This performance evaluation program includes over 1,000 laboratories throughout the US and Canada and demonstrates our laboratory's proficiency as compared to other laboratories.

Sample Preparation

There are several options available for sample preparation, including microwave, hot block and hotplate methods. OnSite develops a preparation plan for each set of samples, choosing the digestion technique that will provide the best analytical results. Our metals department uses only high-purity de-ionized water and low trace metal digestion acids for all sample preparations. Preparation methods are listed below:

Methods List:

EPA 3010A Hot Plate/Hot Block Digestion
EPA 3015A Microwave Digestion
EPA 3050B Hot Plate/Hot Block Digestion
EPA 3051A Microwave Digestion
EPA 3060A Alkaline Digestion

We analyze for the following Trace Metals:

Aluminum Al Calcium Ca Manganese Mn Sodium Na
Antimony Sb Chromium Cr Mercury Hg Strontium Sr
Arsenic As Cobalt Co Molybdenum Mo Thallium Tl
Barium Ba Copper Cu Nickel Ni Tin Sn
Beryllium Be Iron Fe Potassium K Titanium Ti
Boron B Lead Pb Selenium Se Vanadium V
Cadmium Cd Magnesium Mg Silver Ag Zinc Zn

Analytical methods are listed below:

Methods List:

EPA 200.7 Trace Metals by ICP
EPA 200.8/245.1 Trace Metals by ICP/MS (low-level determinations)
EPA 6010D Trace Metals by ICP
EPA 6020B Trace Metals by ICP/MS (low-level determinations)
EPA 7196A/SM 3500-Cr Hexavalent Chromium
EPA 7471B/7470A Mercury

If you have questions regarding our inorganic department's capabilities, please contact the laboratory.