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OnSite Environmental, Inc.'s (OnSite) organics department offers a wide range of analytical capabilities. We offer analytical methodologies in support of RCRA, CWA, and State Specific UST Programs. Our Laboratory capabilities for organic compounds include gas chromatography (GC), and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). The lab maintains gas chromatographs equipped with autosamplers and a variety of detectors such as flame ionization (FID), electron capture (ECD), and photoionization (PID). Sample introduction to the GCs is accomplished by direct injection, purge-and-trap, or automated headspace techniques.

Our reporting limits meet or exceed regulatory requirements for clean-up criteria, while focusing our attention to our clients specific project needs. Below is a partial list of our analytical capabilities. If you have questions regarding our capabilities or our capacity, please contact the laboratory.

All of our instrumentation is automated and well maintained. The extraction lab is equipped with the latest equipment and is capable of performing separatory-funnel, sonication, gravimetric, and micro extractions. We are very flexible in meeting the needs of our client, from providing same day turnaround of results to helping with the identification of unknown compounds by GC/MS.

Methods List:

8011 EDB/DBCP - low levels
8015 Semivolatile Fuel Hydrocarbons, Volatile Fuel Hydrocarbons
8021B Volatile Aromatic Organics
8081B Organochlorine Pesticides
8082A PCBs (as Aroclors)
8151A Chlorinated Acid Herbicides
8260C Volatile Organics (VOCs)
8270D/SIM Semivolatile Organics (SVOCs)
8270D/SIM Organophosphorus Pesticides

State Specific UST Programs:

Washington and Oregon:
NWTPH-HCID Hydrocarbon Identification
NWTPH-Dx Diesel and Heavy Oil Range Organics
NWTPH-Gx Gasoline Range Organics

Washington Fractionation Methods:
VPH Volatile Petroleum Hydrocarbons
EPH Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons