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Price Schedule

The prices in the Schedule of Fees and Services are applicable for standard data deliverables (including standard electronic data deliverables), and turnaround times. Surcharges may apply for higher-level data deliverables, expedited turnaround, and customized electronic formats. We strive to keep the fee schedule as uncomplicated as possible. We do not charge for determining percent solids for soils, sample disposal, sample chromatograms, or for most sample cleanup procedures. The fee schedule is applicable for water, soil, sediment, and waste matrices unless otherwise specified. Discounts from our standard prices are available for large projects or long-term contracts. Contact your project manager for details or a price quote.

Our sampling guide, on pages 13 - 16 of our Schedule of Fees and Services, can be used as a resource for general information regarding the collection of water, soil and sediment matrices. For more detailed specifics, reference materials can be provided or contact OnSite directly and we can answer any analytical questions you may come across.

It is important to realize that the quality of the data we generate is reliant upon the quality of the sample collected. Upon collection, clearly label each jar, fill the container fully, and seal the lid securely. Fill out the chain of custody as completely as possible. Samples should be kept cold [≤6°C], and delivered to the lab as soon as is possible. OnSite will provide general sampling supplies including containers, labels, chain of custody forms and coolers. Chain of Custody Form

We may request that you collect extra sample quantity to allow for any necessary quality control, as well as for any potential retesting that may be required during the course of routine analysis. However, separate containers are not always needed when multiple tests are requested on the same sample. More than one method can often be analyzed from the same container as long as the suggested jar and preservative are identical. It is best to call OnSite when questions arise.

The holding times listed are the maximum time that samples should be held between collection and extraction. Please coordinate early with the lab when sampling jobs may use up a portion of short holding time analyses. Some water samples have a 7 day holding time, air samples collected in tedlar bags have a three day holding time, while the EPA 5035A sampling requirements may necessitate delivery of your samples to the lab with 48 hours. These short hold times often demand tight coordination between the field personnel and OnSite staff. Please consider this when starting your sampling plan.